Gluten Free Fish and Chips

If you require gluten free food, you may well feel you have been missing out on that family favourite, fish and chips. However, you can now enjoy gluten free fish and chips any day of the week from our restaurant and takeway. We cook gluten free fish and chips seperately from the normal batter so that there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Gluten free fish and chips for those on a Coeliac diet...

Gluten free fish and chips is specially made for those following the Coeliac diet plan, so that you can eat `the same` as everyone else when you and your family go out.

So what`s stopping you having a great meal out ith the family?

Enjoy Gluten Free Fish and Chips today don`t delay.


For full allergen information about any of our menu items please contact us on 01323416622.